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Kayak Fishing
Angling DIY

If you enjoy fishing and tinkering, kayakfishing may be for you. It's popular in Southern California and many other areas of the country. Guys are catching 50+ pound yellowtail in San Diego regularly.

And the opportunities to add crap to your kayak is sometimes half the fun - at least for me. A battery powered bait tank and fish finder lead the list of my electrified add-ons. Throw in some rocket launcher type rod holders, a homemade gaff and a club to subdue Mr. Halibut and you're on your way. So far, my best catch is a 29" Halibut, but Calico Bass, Leopard Sharks, White Sea Bass and Spotted Bay Bass also bite regularly. Not to mention the infamous 4 inch Kelp Wrasse.

I fish in and around Dana Point California, sometimes within twenty feet of shore at Doheny Beach (watch out for waves and lifeguards) or out to a mile or more near the kelp beds. I've got to get out on the water more - all work and no play makes Al a crazy boy.

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