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Golden Trout - Sierra Nevada
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Biggest Trout

I'm in Ellensberg WA on a Sunday morning in the 90's - walk into the flyshop to meet my guide for a Yakima River float trip. There sits one unhappy flyshop owner and a forlorn, hungover guide. I'm told yesterday's client drove away with the guide's gear - so the trips off.

Now that I'm on my own - I ask if there's any good water I can drive to. They give me free flies and send me to Rocky Ford Creek. Kind of a marshy area - but HUGE trout. In the pond, near the parking lot, a trout looks at my fly for 10 seconds in crystal clear slow moving water and sips it in ( I was in plain site 10 feet away). By far - the dumbest 24 inch trout on earth - and that's odd because big fish are usually the smartest.

Our Top Secret Get-Away

Most Expensive Fish

I've spent thousands of dollars on guides in the Florida keys trying to catch a bonefish there (unfortunately almost always in December). The only Keys bonefish I've caught was while wading and blind casting just prior to a thunderstorm by myself at Long Key State Recreation Area. If you want to catch Bonefish - go to the Bahamas!

Largest/Strongest Fly-Caught Fish

Owens River - 2004. Was almost spooled by a 15lb carp. And he actually took my streamer fly in the mouth proving my retrieve perfectly imitates floating grass....

Photo Travelogue

With the Bahamas (Eluthera & Exuma), Colorado, New Mexico, the Florida Keys, the Sierra Nevadas, and good old Oregon, we've done a good bit of traveling for fishing. One of these days we're going to make it to Christmas Island - a test site for nukes in the 1960s - but now one of the best places for Bonefish and big Trevally with a flyrod. So they glow a little - it makes 'em easier to see.