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Reef Setup
Reef Inhabitants

Just a few images to show the lighting, water circulation, water replacement, etc. These have worked well for me and produce results I'm very happy with. There are people out there that are a LOT better at this than I am - so be sure to keep looking around for all the ideas you can find!

To give you an idea of how the tank has grown in recent months - roll your cursor over the image above.
Here's where I mix RO water with salt and Kalkwasser. The freshwater is then delivered around the living room and through the mantle piece via the dosing pump shown on the shelf above the two 10 gallon trash cans. One can fills with RO water while the other is mixed and pumped.
Sea Swirls in front corners with mild flow directed at front rockwork - SCWD in rear corners with strong flow.

Sterilite Sump and Refugium w/skimmer - notice there is no filter media

Two 14k Metal Halide and VHO Actinics - two fans keep the air moving and as cool as possible